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Brake Service


At Auto Pros of Woodstock we pride ourselves in getting brakes done right. This process begins with a thorough four wheel brake inspection. This service is always free to our customers even if no additional brake work is required. Measurements are taken of all the friction materials and brake discs (rotors). These numbers are than compared to the original equipment specification to see if replacement is necessary. The hydraulic components such as calipers and wheel cylinders are tested to verify the pistons and slides are moving with minimal resistance. The bleeder screws are opened and the hoses/metal lines are visually inspected for leaks, cracking or severe rusting. Finally the master cylinder and brake fluid is tested and inspected. These results are estimated and passed along to our customers so an educated decision can be made. If brake work is necessary we use only the highest quality brake parts.

Our premium lifetime warrantied brake pad sets come in both semi-metallic and ceramic depending on your vehicles needs. They also include shims and new caliper hardware clips and offer maximum performance, extended pad life and cleaner wheels. Caliper bridges are removed and thoroughly cleaned so the brake pads fit perfectly without obstruction. If brake rotors are needed we use premium painted rotors that are engineered to withstand 120 hours of salt spray. These rotors meet or exceed OE design for superior stopping power and come with a 2 year, 24,000 mile nationwide warranty. Our brake calipers are made with 100% S.A.E. specific rubber seals and undergo pressure testing to guarantee proper function under all driving conditions. They also carry the 2 year,24,000 mile nationwide coverage. Brake fluid replacement is also very important and is available at a discounted price with any brake service. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts and absorbs moisture from the air. This moisture in the brake fluid reduces its boiling point making it easier for the fluid to boil under heavy braking. Boiling brake fluid can cause brake fade or failure and also acts to corrode metal parts within the braking system.

If you reside in Woodstock, Bull Valley, Marengo, Harvard, Huntley, Mchenry or any other surrounding community and you suspect you're having brake problems or noises please stop in or call today to schedule your FREE brake inspection.